Animated trailers that mesmerize

Our Metaphor-Cooking process unveils your creative advantages and turns them into movie-like trailers.

Your story

How we differentiate you

Unlike most vendors that undervalue the impact of creativity, we made a Metaphor-Cooking process to find your original story.

With this process, we'll put your business, competitors and industry under a microscope and unveil your creative advantages unique to you. Finally, we'll mix all these ingredients and cook up your unique metaphor to make you stand out from your competition.

Together, we'll make a creative trailer in a world where a majority of explainers look and feel exactly the same to make a significant difference.

Unique attributes

Why choose us?

Customized videos

Different English accents, male/female voiceover, story/character-based script, brand colors...we customize every aspect of the video.

Best value for money

You don't want to pay enormous prices or receive a copy-paste video. Here, we do neither. We create high-quality videos on a budget.

Rush order option

Have a tight deadline for the explainer video project? For a small fee, we can produce a video as soon as 14 days after obtaining the questionnaire.

Free consultations

A video is just a tool that you must know how to use. We provide unlimited free consultations to help you with video marketing.

No hidden fees

We believe in transparency. Our pricings are visible on the website, we will not charge a single cent more than we agreed on beforehand.

30 days guarantee

Our priority is to make clients happy. If that's not the case, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked.

How We do it

Metaphor-Cooking Process

Take an order

We collect all essential information through the questionnaire and prepare for the project.


We research your business, competitors and industry and present you the results, script and visualization ideas on the call.

Menu planning

Scriptwriter finalizes script and visualization based on the research and the call.

Plating design

Graphic designers depict your message into a story based on visualization

Flavor description

Voiceover artists bring your script to life, grabbing your audience's attention.

Culinary preparation

Animators vivify your storyboard to resonate and engage your audience.

Happy clients

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Funnel customers on your website

Latest researches show that 78% of people who implemented videos into their strategies got more traffic on their website, leading to more conversions and brand awareness.

Improve your SEO

Improve your SEO with videos that boost your organic traffic from search engine results pages by up to 157%. Videos grab more attention than plain text, leading visitors to stay longer on your website, reducing bounce rate, and increasing relevance.

Don't let competition leave you in the dust

82% of all online traffic across consumers and businesses will be video by 2022. In other words, if you haven't implemented videos yet, you are a late bloomer, and chances are your potential customers are leaving to your competition.

Gen Z and Millennials want visual content

If businesses focus on younger generations, image and video content are essential. Studies show that 62% of young people want visual content over plain texts. No wonder, these generations grew up surrounded by visual content, unlike previous generations.

Why Animated videos?

Boost your sales and conversions

Brand awareness

Vision & Mission leadership

Educating & Explaining


Training & Onboarding

Long videos & Video series

Video packages

Pricing & plans

Whiteboard video

Videos produced in a whiteboard style consist of static images which are hand drawn on a whiteboard and done in software that allows you to draw anything.

Example video

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$ 497 from
  • Script writing
  • Voice-over
  • Illustrated background
  • Music and sound design
  • 5 weeks delivery
  • 2 revisions each stage
  • Custom made

Explainer video

Explainer videos are done using 2D vector graphic animation. We take each graphic element (template) from our large library which is then edited for the project.

Example video

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$ 697 from
  • Script writing
  • Voice-over
  • Illustrated background
  • Music and sound design
  • 5 weeks delivery
  • 2 revisions each stage
  • Custom made

Custom explainer

This package uses 2D vector graphic animation, however, with a larger budget, we can draw everything from scratch and add isometric elements for a more "3D" feel.

Example video

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$ 1197 from
  • Script writing
  • Voice-over
  • Illustrated background
  • Music and sound design
  • 12 weeks delivery
  • 3 revisions each stage
  • Custom made

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