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Everyone says you need to have videos to increase conversions but the truth is, simply making a video is not enough. You must have a landing page with solid foundations. Then you can include a well-crafted video that will boost your efficiency of the funnel to the moon.

Having produced videos for hundreds of landing pages and funnels, we’ve seen the same mistakes being made over and over again, costing businesses valuable leads and customers. That’s why we’ve created a real-time video review of your landing page, providing you with actionable steps to optimize your landing page and giving guidelines to produce a complementing video. And the best thing? It’s completely free!

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Simplicity and value are the foundation of the audit. There are no marketing schemes, obligations or useless fluff that wastes your time. All audits are tailored to your business with a big picture in mind and focus on significant issues. Following the advice will result in boosting your landing page and the new video will perfectly complement your funnel.

Topics we typically include as a part of audits

Landing page

Video audit with focus on the most pragmatic steps you can take

While analyzing your landing page we will find and point out the important landing page aspects, explain their relevance to you, as well as ideas on solving and leveraging them. The best part is – you can just simply follow these actionable steps.

While analyzing your landing page we will cover the most important topics, explain them to you and give you specific ideas to solve them. The other half of the audit will be dedicated to giving guidelines to produce a converting video.

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