How much does an explainer video cost in 2022?

Nowadays, text and images are often not enticing enough. That’s why more and more businesses are considering implementing videos into their marketing strategy. But if you are new to video production, you may not be familiar with key factors influencing the explainer video pricing as well as the price range from various vendors. But don’t worry, this short article will answer all these questions!

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Key factors which influence video pricing

Video length

Unsurprisingly, 3-minute explainers require more work and time than 30-second videos. However, longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. To fully convey the message while viewers pay attention, the standard length of explainer videos is 60 to 90 seconds.


Custom-made works (made from scratch) are significantly more expensive than works produced from pre-made templates. That’s because custom videos require more expertise and time, however, you can be sure that your video is an original piece of work tailored to your business.

The production deadline

Deadlines sooner than the usual timeframe need an additional fee because the vendor will have to prioritize your work and work overtime. On average, custom works require 7-10 weeks to produce, and template-based works 3-6 weeks.

Animation style

Whiteboard videos, motion graphics, and other 2D styles are less difficult and time-consuming than 3D videos or live action videos. Therefore, the style is also included in the calculation.

Experience and expertise

Generally, seasoned and established vendors charge more than new and amateur vendors thanks to their expertise.

Explainer video production options

The large majority of scripts consist of 3 main parts – introduction, main part, and conclusion. It’s a standard formula that has been used in all types of storytelling videos and movies for numerous years. And it’s really effective. 

With this 3 part framework, the viewer is sucked into the story right at the beginning which leads them wanting to learn more. This way, the viewer will stick to the end of the video which allows you to convey the whole message to them.

Online video makers $0 – $100 per minute

The first option is to use online video maker software and do it yourself. Many online tools out there are free or for a small subscription fee. This is a great way to save money, but you’ll need to spend some time learning the software and getting creative – write a script, design a storyboard, and create animations to make your project come to life. Moreover, free tools usually only offer limited templates and basic animations.

Hire a freelancer $10 – $2500 per minute

The pricing for hiring a freelancer varies a lot. That’s because you can find freelancers of all kinds of levels from all parts of the world. 

When hiring a freelancer, you must take into account that an explainer video requires several different experts in their field (scriptwriter, voiceover artist, graphic designers, and animators). That’s why it’s possible that some aspects of the video will be of lower quality than the rest. Or you can also hire freelancers to fill those positions and get a better-quality explainer video.

Small explainer video company $2000 - $7000 per minute

Small-sized explainer video agencies consist of several experts in their respective fields. These agencies provide great customer service and deliver quality videos. However, due to the small size, the delivery time may be longer than usual. Moreover, smaller agencies may outsource some of the work or ask the client to provide it themselves.

Established video agency $8000 - $20000 per minute

Top tier explainer companies have various professionals and animation teams managed by directors and project managers. The company provides complex onboarding, streamlined workflow and allows you to take part in the production process. This means you have control over the final result and will receive exactly what you are looking for.

Movie-level animation company $20000+ per minute

Companies in this category are capable of complex and customized 2D and 3D animation videos which can be seen in TV and netflix. However, the quotes are so high that the majority of businesses don’t find it a viable option. These agencies are ideal for long form videos, short series and movies.

Video marketing agency full service $15000+

The only difference here is that the agency also employs marketers and strategists to create a marketing strategy to maximize ROI and make the most out of the explainer video. At the end of the day, video is just a tool and if used incorrectly, even the best animated video out there will not yield any major benefits. And that’s the main focus of these agencies.


When it comes to video production, the cheapest isn’t always the best. In fact, the lower prices often yield poor results or even damage your brand. However, the most expensive companies also don’t guarantee the best results for your situation.

The best way is to define your budget and the video parameters. Then take a look at vendors who fit your budget range and review their portfolio to see what you can expect from them.

We are a company which specializes in animated explainer videos and animations in general. We aspire to make high quality video production affordable to small and mid sized businesses. Our videos are made with care and highly customized for your unique business and marketing goals.
We are a company which specializes in animated explainer videos and animations in general. We aspire to make high quality video production affordable to small and mid sized businesses. Our videos are made with care and highly customized for your unique business and marketing goals.

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