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Animated Logo

from $180

A short 5-10 second animated video of your logo for cohesive branding which you can freely use on your website, presentations, marketing channels….

Do you need a specific video?

Make a one-time investment to get a short 5-10 second custom made animated video of your logo for cohesive branding which you can use for years. We will include the logo animation in your video. Moreover, you will receive the animated logo as a separate video in mp4 format which you can use on your website, opening/closing slides in presentations, social media, marketing channels etc.

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Custom order

*How template made works

We produce a video by implementing and adjusting various templates from our extensive library. Unless clients require very specific graphic and animation designs, templates suffice.

*How custom made works

We produce a video from scratch without any templates. Ideal if you have very specific requirements regarding the visual aspect of the video, however, requires more time and resources.

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