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Custom explainer video

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Script writing


Illustrated background

Music and sound design

10 weeks delivery

3 revisions each stage

Custom made

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Like in the “explainer video” package, custom explainer video also uses 2D vector graphic animation, however with the larger budget we are able to customize everything from scratch without the usage of the library. The scenes are first hand drawn, then illustrated in Adobe, before finally being animated. The extra step of drawing everything to fit your idea means it takes more time to produce the video. Custom explainer video package is ideal for clients, who have very specific visual requirements and are looking for high end animations. Using an explainer video can help your company generate leads, reduce bounce rates, foster brand awareness, and increase conversions. Moreover, having the video fully drawn from scratch means the video is truly tailored to your business and resonates with your audiences even more!

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*How template made works

We produce a video by implementing and adjusting various templates from our extensive library. Unless clients require very specific graphic and animation designs, templates suffice.

*How custom made works

We produce a video from scratch without any templates. Ideal if you have very specific requirements regarding the visual aspect of the video, however, requires more time and resources.

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