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Are you considering an explainer video for your business but not sure what it should look like? Or maybe you are just curious about what your competition is doing? Fill in the form below and get your competition research!

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Free Video Competition Research

Most agencies and freelancers simply make an explainer video based on a questionnaire that clients complete. However, this is not enough to convert. What if your video looks like your competitors'? How will it fit into your business strategy (positioning on the website, marketing channels...)? How to convey your USP? What about creative ideas for your video to be captivating? This and more must be addressed before the actual production. And this research will help you with that - differentiate you from your competitors so that your video isn't a copy-paste generic piece of work.

The research includes:

The information will give you a direction your video should take. You can use the information however you see fit, doesn’t matter if you decide to go with us, with our competitors or even if you decide to make one yourself.

The research is ideal for:

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